Reference Based Pricing

A consistent and transparent payer fee arrangement using Medicare as a baseline.


Compare a fully insured premium's components to an Azeros unbundled self-insured program.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

The Azeros solution for significant pharmacy savings.


Reference Based Pricing

Utilizes Medicare allowances as benchmark
Hospital charges fee uncontrolled in current environment
RBP with or without "wrapped" PPO Networks

Third Party Administration

Claims paid accurately & timely
Hard plastic ID cards
Phones answered within 3 rings
Fully transparent medical expense & fees

Azeros Rx Free Discount Card

Discounts available to all employees and family members
All major pharmacies accept the card. The list includes Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, and Walgreen’s, which are among more than 60,000 U.S. pharmacy locations.

Medication Management

High-dollar, high-utilization drugs reviewed for appropriateness
Step therapy introduced as necessary

Medical Management

Seasoned case management team
Steerage to cost effective facilities
Direct Primary Care partnership
Telemedicine through MDLIVE

Pharmacy Benefit Management

Azeros Rx rebates returned @ 100%
Net savings estimated at 25% of pharmacy spending

With decades of industry experience and relationships we seek out affiliations with “best in class” organizations to support our clients